These docs are currently work in progress if you notice anything please open an issue or submit a pull request over on the Github repository.


We are currently working on this comprehensive set of docs for getting started with the Supernotes API, but they are not ready yet. In the meantime, a complete API Reference can be found using your preferred OpenAPI spec below:


API keys can be used to interact with the Supernotes API, and are managed directly from your Supernotes account. To find them, start by clicking the User button, then > Settings > Manage Account > Manage API Keys. From there you can create, view, or delete API keys.

Warning: API keys give full access to a Supernotes account. Anyone with an API key can create, edit, or delete any cards on that account.

Developers Corner

If you would like further assistance or share what you are building with our API please head over to the developers section of our Community.